The Gambella Windmill project was powered by a worldwide crowdfunding campaign. We brought together 30 Good Misfits from across the globe, each of whom conducted their own unique fundraising drive. The goal was to have each person raise a minimum of $500, towards a grand total of $15,000. We exceeded this aim, raising $21,017.

This funded the construction of a windmill in Gambella village, Kenya. Gambella had been working with GHNI (Global Hope Network International), as part of their TCD (Transformational Community Development) program. The windmill marked the completion of their five-year journey towards total sustainability. Construction began in August 2013. Throughout the process, we hosted GoToMeeting calls between the Gambella village and the Good Misfits, to directly connect fundraisers with the people and the project they helped inspire.

Before the windmill was built, Gambella’s farmers relied on patchy rainfall and a single well to irrigate their crops. They made very little profit on their what they produced. Now, thanks to the windmill producing 40,000 litres of water per day, 16 thriving farms produce high quality tomatoes, kale, peppers, maize, spices, and onions. The yield of crops is so much higher that the village can eat fresh produce every day, and then sell their excess, making them almost completely independent from foreign aid.

The social benefits have also been huge. The positioning of the windmill has meant that two previously warring villages have had to come together to reap its benefits. Formerly hostile groups of people now work side by side every day. Locally, the windmill has been dubbed “The Well of Peace”.