Big Dig

The Big Dig, in partnership with WaterAid, was powered by one of the biggest crowdfunding campaigns in the history of the UK third sector. The fundraising target, set in June of 2012, was £1.2m. Six weeks later. Spurred by the publicity the campaign generated, the UK government committed to matching all donations made before the 18th September. By the time the campaign was finished, £2.2m had been raised – almost double the original goal.

The Big Dig provided clean water and sanitation to 134,000 people in some of the poorest communities in rural Malawi. 34 boreholes, 43 shallow wells, and 20,500 latrines for homes and schools were constructed. 2,160 hygiene educators were trained.

The campaign was unique: Misfit Incorporated staff, AJ, Jessie and Melissa travelled to Malawi and spent twelve days in the field providing one on one training with WaterAid field officers Michael and Nathan to be the eyes and ears of the project. They live-blogged from the ground via video uploads and Instagram posts which garnered huge attention online. Their efforts gave donors an unmediated connection with the people of the The Big Dig, and allowed them to witness the good their donations were doing in real time.