Announcing the Misfit Medical Fund

Villages in northern Kenya share one common and very tangible problem…  Extremely difficult access to life-saving medicines.

Curable disease is the primary reason kids miss school and adults can’t work.  Medicine is not expensive, but simply inaccessible.

We learned about this need during the Misfit Powered Windmill project and decided that we could make a real difference in this problem.

Therefore, we are proud to announce one of the very first Misfit Foundation partnerships:

The Misfit Medical Fund!

We’re teaming up with Global Hope Network Kenya to provide life saving medicine for people in their village development program.

Why a medical fund?  Because very simply, people are worth saving.  Death is so common in rural, poverty stricken areas that communities are often unable to rally around and save their neighbors.  Unfortunately, this is actually understandable when we realize that nearly everyone in the villages are struggling to stay out of that same destitute state.

Amazing development agencies work tirelessly to help communities break the cycle of extreme poverty and build healthy and sustainable lives of their own.

But for many individuals it is too late for preventative measures and development programs as they have already fallen into a reality that can only be described as hell on earth.  Once productive and vibrant people have been struck by disease and fall into a truly and completely destitute existence.

Fortunately, many of these cases can and are being reversed.

The story of an older man from the village of Shambani who found himself completely crippled and unable to work because of a bug called the jigger, or the young girl who was accidentally run over by construction equipment are painfully clear cases of people who have virtually zero chance of recovery without outside assistance.

Prior to the Misfit Medical Fund, local development workers would dip into their own pockets to help these extreme cases when they came across them, and that’s what they have done for this man and this young girl.  This man is receiving the treatment he needs to once again begin selling his handmade toothbrushes in his community, and the young girl received the extensive surgery and transplant that she desperately needed after Global Hope staff independently fundraised her medical expenses from the community.  Today she is a healthy and playful kid enrolled and doing great in school.

Many people looked sadly at these cases as a lost cause, “just let them die” they said hopelessly.  This attitude was and is not usually malicious; often is an act of mercy.  Because with no hope, death is an appealing relief from their unbearable existence.

We believe that each of these people matter, not only to us as our friends in Kenya, but to the future of their villages.  That’s why the Misfit Foundation is committing to fund life-saving medicine and emergency medical assistance to those who need it most.

Together we can once again change the course of lives in northern Kenya.


– Jonathan

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