An Experiment in Social Philanthropy…

Over the next 30 days, the Misfit Foundation is running a social experiment in philanthropy. We are bringing together a collection of world-changers to raise $500 each over the course of one month to hit an overall target of $15,000. These funds will help remove the barriers to education faced by children at a school in one of the poorest areas of the world.


We have partnered with the amazing Lessons for Life Foundation on their Send Me to School campaign, which aims to give thousands of children a better start through education in places where they are born with the odds stacked against them. Working with their partners in Uganda, Nurture Africa, Lessons for Life are piloting an approach that seeks to raise the standard of education across entire schools in Kampala, addressing specific barriers to education faced by all children at the school rather than the traditional model of one to one sponsorship which only focusses on individual children. This approach is holistic, creative and sustainable and has had incredible success in the two pilot schools where it was trialled last year.


Kisimbiri Primary school in Kampala, Uganda is currently dangerously overcrowded, with 190 children squeezed into each tiny classroom. This creates an impossible learning environment for the teachers, who are often only trained in outdated and didactic teaching methods. The standard of education is low and the drop-out rates are high.


$15,000 will pay for desperately-needed new classrooms to be built, which will cut class sizes in half. It will also pay for important training for teachers in group-based learning methods, and for local artists to work with the pupils to create beautiful, bright teaching aids that more deeply engage them in their learning.


But it doesn’t stop there. The funds will also go towards a school lunch program and vocational programs for older children in hairdressing or mechanical engineering, as well as sustainable community loans programs that allow the mothers of schoolchildren to set up their own businesses. This allows them to create steady income streams for themselves, so they can afford school fees, uniform and book costs. Individual children are then assessed on a needs-basis by the Nurture Africa team so that vulnerable and at-risk children and their families are supported, and their specific needs are met.


This progressive approach benefits every pupil at the school – both current and future, as well as their families and communities. Rather than just a handful of individuals.


In September, the Misfits will be heading out to Uganda to train members of staff in the use of a reporting app that will allow them to easily send us updates direct from the field. This means that every person who gives to this campaign will have the opportunity to see the evolution of Kisimbiri Primary School first-hand and in real time.


This summer, the lives of countless children in Uganda will be changed forever. Will you join us?


~ Jessie

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